Saturday, February 19, 2011


A very big scare today. I couldn't access this account today to update for our monthly anniversary. A mad scramble, lots of typing, raiding email accounts...finally, here. I know who are is far more than a monthly update, but this is one of the rituals I have that makes me feel balanced when it comes to love. Once a month, and not on Valentine's Day or on a yearly anniversary, is a far better frequency to stand up and let everyone know how much I love you. Without that, something feels off, deficient. I tell you everyday that I love you, and yet I feel like I should do it more. I tell you I love you when one of us leaves the house or when we are hanging up the phone, just so you know, if that's the last you ever see of me, you know that I love you.

And here, once a month in the bandwidth, this is my shout. I love you, my dear.